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Notice:2014 Shenzhen Sheng Run Technology Spring Festival holiday

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To all my colleagues:
According to the State Council notice spirit, combined with the specific circumstances of Division I, 2014 Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:
L Run the Spring Festival holiday arrangements manufacture: January 27 to February 7 (12 days), February 8
Day work
Where: 1, the statutory three days (January 31-February 2, 2009)
2,1 May 26 and 30 January (New Year's Eve) tone
3,2 2 April stimulated both statutory leave on Sunday, the tone and February 3
4,2 March 4 月 9 日 with a 2 tone
5,1 May 26 and 2 月 9 日 need to make up classes.
6,1 January 27-29, February 5 - February 7, may apply for annual leave and personal leave
In order to give employees more time to enjoy the Spring Festival holiday reunion, employees may leave in mid-2014 for days off, adjustable up to 5 days annual leave. Before the end of 2013 recruits leave no less than one year, could please leave, annual leave and staff in spring (including holidays and annual leave, leave part) may not exceed 12 days, leave this holiday month period does not affect its The perfect attendance award.
RF engineering research and development staff to perform in accordance with the notice of vacation leave Yong-chang Technology.
 Hope the department on duty during the holiday arrangements in advance reported the Ministry of Personnel, serious work to do before the holiday arrangements for security work before the holidays and holiday periods. Travel, vacation colleagues attention to personal and property safety, peace travel. I wish you all a happy New Year in advance, family happiness!
Please see Annex specific holiday notice

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