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Module can operate in master / slave / master-slave switch roles, support bridge mode (transparent mode) and a direct-drive mode. Module automatically broadcast after the initial setup, and open a specific APP phone will be scanned and docking, after its success can be monitored by BLE protocol.
Bridged mode, the user CPU can perform two-way communication and mobile devices via universal serial module, users can also through specific serial AT commands, for some communication parameters for management control. The specific meaning of the user data is defined by the upper application itself. Mobile devices can be carried out by APP module writes to the data will be sent to the user's CPU via the serial port. After the module receives data packets from the user CPU serial port, will be automatically forwarded to the mobile device. Code design development of this mode, the user must be responsible for the main CPU, and smart mobile devices APP-side code design.
Under the direct-drive mode, the user simply external expansion modules, APP module is driven directly by the BLE protocol, complete smart mobile devices for monitoring and control modules. This mode of software development, users are solely responsible for the smart mobile device side APP code design.

Main features:
1. Use simple, without any experience in the Bluetooth protocol stack;
2. The user interface uses a universal serial design, full duplex two-way communication, the minimum baud rate support 9600bps;
3. supports bridging mode (serial passthrough), or direct-drive mode (no additional CPU); direct-drive mode support IIC / SPI / UART interface
4. The default interval of 20ms connection, connection quickly;
5. Support AT / IIC / SPI / UART software reset command module, get the MAC address;
6. Supports AT / IIC / SPI / UART command interval adjustment Bluetooth connectivity, control different forwarding rate. (Dynamic power adjustment);
7. Supports AT / IIC / SPI / UART transmit power adjustment command, modify the broadcast interval / connection timeout / product number connection delay, modify the baud rate, change the module name, will be powered down to save;
8. The serial data packet length, can be any 128byte or less (including 128) length. (Large package automatic distribution);
9. transparent transmission speed forwarding rate of up to 1K / S
10. Support mobile devices APP / IIC / SPI / UART modification module name, power-down save, modify the baud rate, the product identification code, custom broadcast content, broadcast cycles are powered down to save;
11. support mobile devices APP / IIC / SPI / UART module for remote reset, set the transmit power;
12. support mobile devices APP / IIC / SPI / UART Bluetooth connection interval adjustment, power-down save. (Dynamic power adjustment);
13. APP / IIC / SPI / UART IO can operate all external expansion;
14. Support the connection status, prompted the state broadcasting foot / general IO flexible configuration;
15.6-way programmable IO, external interrupt trigger input detection, all low-power operation. (Lighting control, remote control toys, and other input and output switching applications);
16.2 Single programmable timer / cycle flip output.
17. Eight ADC inputs (12 bit), enable / disable, freely configurable sampling period, mean filter can be set. (Humidity, temperature, luminosity, etc. should be used);
18. The six programmable PWM (1 MHz) output. (Dimming, control and other applications);
19. RSSI continuous acquisition module side, read automatically notify APP, enable / disable, collection frequency set free. (Find things anti-lost alarm application);
20. Support module battery indicator, power read automatically reported. (Device power reminder);
21. Supports internal RTC real time clock, APP end any time synchronization calibration;
22. The six-channel PWM discretionary;
23. Support IO configuration and output state saving features, you can customize the default initialization state;
24. Support shallow recovery and deep recovery mode, flexible restore user data, while retaining the product must be configured;
25. Support to obtain the serial Bluetooth connection status from the TX (connection, disconnection and normal timeout break) Comment Tip;
26. Support Low Enable mode and pulse mode is enabled, supports remote shutdown;
27. The low-power standby mode.
28. Support the host scanning 8 Mac address, MAC address scan read, scan from the total number of machine / any slave disconnected.
29. Support command / data communication switch freely.
30. Support 200 bytes (25 per page / 8 bytes), power-down store user area.
31. The master device supports Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth switched from freedom.
32. Support APP / IIC / UART / SPI free switching, TX power / RX gain, adjust the sensitivity of different transmission (anti-lost
Application distance adjustment.
33. Support APP / IIC / UART / SPI freely on / off radio, a real deep sleep.
34. IO supports full read / level output.
35. Support APP / IIC / UART / SPI command clears the data cache, refused to accept the data.
36. In support of the power from the machine (power down to save)
37. The support will open the watchdog to prevent crashes Bluetooth.
38. Support APP / IIC / UART / SPI password settings.

二、Module electrical characteristics

(With Ta = 25 ℃, VDD = standard measure 3.0V, 1Mbps of, GFSK modulation to 250KHz, Bluetooth low-power mode.)
1. Modulation Mode: GFSK;
2. Frequency range: 2400-2483.5MHZ (2.4G ISM band);
3, transmit power: -20-0 dBm (programmable via software);
4. Operating ambient temperature range: -20 ℃ - + 65 ℃;
5, the storage temperature range: -30 ℃ - + 85 ℃;
6, the power supply voltage: 2.0-3.6VDC;
7, receiver sensitivity: -94dBm (typical);
8, the maximum instantaneous current receive mode (high gain setting): 20.2mA typ.
9, the maximum instantaneous current transmission mode (set the value of P when 0dBm O /): 18.2 mA ytp.
10. MCU active current low (only 32MHz operation of X-tal OSC): 6.7 mA (typ);
11, a power mode current consumption: (under MCU standby mode, the wake-up time = 4uS): I = 270uA (typ);
12, 2-power mode current consumption in sleep mode timer :( activate / enable, wake-up time can be programmed software
Setting): I = 1uA (typ);
13, the power mode current consumption :( 3 low power deep sleep mode, the hardware initiative wake): I = 0.5uA (typ);
14, the module to work less than the average current 500uA, stand less than 100uA, Sleep current is less than 1uA.
15, the effective receiving distance: 30 m min (the actual distance to the prevailing environment prevail).

三、Work mode schematic

1.UART communication: default baud rate 9600bps, a single packet transmission <= 17 bytes, contracting intervals greater than 20ms.
2.SPI communication: support of less than 2M / S data transmission rate, a single packet transmission <= 17 bytes, contracting intervals greater than 20ms.
3.IIC communication: hardware IIC less than 400K / S rate data transmission, software IIC less than 165K / s, when the transmission data is larger than 22K / S single packet transmission <= 17 bytes, contracting intervals greater than 20ms, when transferring data small 22K / s single packet transmission <= 8 bytes.

Note: Data Bluetooth module underlying transport links within a maximum interval can only transmit 20 bytes, there are three bytes are used as data encryption. When you need to transfer large data packets, but also a corresponding change interval contract. Employer interval T calculation methods; n = (Packet Bytes / 17); if (packet bytes / 17) is not an integer, n values (packet bytes / 17) plus a quotient Example: Packet bytes = 20; n = 1 + 1 = 2;
T = n * 20ms (connection interval);

四、Pin Function Description

Tx: serial data output bus terminal
RX: serial bus data inputs
MOSI: Master Out, Slave inputs
MISO: master input, the output from the machine
SCK: SPI bus clock signal terminal
SDA: IIC data terminal
SCL: IIC clock terminal
ADC 0-7: 12 bit AD
PWM 0-2 and PWM5: 16 位
PWM 3-4: 8 位
IO 0-3: general GPIO function
WAKEUP: BLE wake pin, low wake, high BLE module automatically sleep
SEL0 ~ SEL1: MCU communication with the BLE select pin
REST: BLE hardware reset pin low reset
VCC: BLE module supply pin voltage range 2-3.6V
GND: BLE module ground pin

HY-254104 V5 (WMD410U04XX6X0 ceramic antenna thickness 2.54mm)

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