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Product Specification
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Product Name
HY-254112 V1 Bluetooth massage
Software Number
20141013_ V1.2
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1. The number of samples: __ _ PCS

Address: Pearl Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Huaqiang three-way intersection of logistics and distribution center
building on the 3rd door on the sixth floor

(A): configuration parameters
Project Details Parameters Remark
IC Selection TI CC2541 Blue tooth BLE RF+8051 MCU system on Chip (SOC ) Transceiver IC, with 256K flash memory & 8KB RAM Chip on board
Other configurations PCB Model HY-25412 V1  
PCB Thickness 1.0mm  
PCB Sheet FR4  
Crystal 32MHz And 32.768 KHz  
Antenna form Soft antenna  
Protocol ■IIC □UART □SPI □Optional  
Device mode □Host computer ■Slave □Master and slave  
Light color Red and Green one  
The number of buttons Tact Switch 2pcs  
(2): The electrical characteristics (to Ta = 25 ℃, VDD = 3.0V, 1Mbps, GFSK 250KHz modulation, the standard measurement of Bluetooth low-power mode.
1.Modulation mode: FSK
2.Frequency range: 2400~2483.5MHZ (2.4G ISM band)
3.RF transmit power setting range: - 20~0dBm (programmed via software)
4. Operating ambient temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
5.Storage temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
6. Power supply voltage: 3.6VDC~4.2VDC
7.Receiver sensitivity: -94dBm typ.
8. Bluetooth massage maximum operating current:74 mA
9.Bluetooth massage quiescent current:10 mA
10.Bluetooth massage sleep operating current:7.8 uA

11.Effective receiving distance: 10 meters or more.


(Three): Massager Function
Physical buttons control 1. Press and hold the power button (K1), 3 seconds to turn on or off
2.In the boot state, and fails to Bluetooth, press the function key (K2) 10 kinds of vibration mode test cycle. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the function keys (K2) no function
Phone APP control
1. Power down the state, when the phone is not connected to APP, white lights flashing; after connecting Bluetooth, long bright white lights
2. massage can achieve real-time switch 10 modes according to the strength of five kinds of APP operations. Can only stop the motor, or directly into sleep mode power consumption
3. When the phone away from the massage or APP initiative disconnected, flashing white lights changed from long bright, then you can manually key exchange mode
4. When the phone is connected with the APP, the entire current consumption data is sent to the APP show
Charge Control
1. When white light does not charge a long red light
2. When charging massager will stop all operations (such as turning off the motor, turn off the key) and send the current capacity to APP showed a long red light
Power control
1. press the power button (K1) 3 seconds, or by APP instructions into low-power shutdown mode
2. Low-power mode, stop all control functions, and can only be turned on again by the power button (K1)
3. Under the low-power mode, the quiescent current of 10uA less

(D): To protect the Earth, reducing global warming, environmental response, the relevant details of the application and
  functional description, please to our website

www.tuner168.comParticipation in content "BLE4.0 modules and protocol V2.0" of.

(Five). Product positive plan

PCB size L 37 * W 15.2 * H 9.0 mm

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