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Bluetooth anti-lost mobile power Shenzhen City or Run Technology Co., Ltd. to design and development of a practical mobile power and anti-lost combo products, the product is designed for mobile digital products designed for high-end smart standby power, input partly based on the principle of intelligent lithium battery charger IC; output with high efficiency DC-DC boost converter circuit; Special lithium batteries for precise voltage control circuit protection overcharge, over-discharge voltage, current overload and short circuit protection; the whole circuit while using MCU microcomputer control management. Rated input voltage of 4.8-5.2V, 4.5-5.5V to work properly.
Product Features:
1, with a mobile power and anti-lost combo function;
2, the appearance of small and exquisite, elegant, ergonomic design.
3, using intelligent microcomputer control technology Cadogan overcharge protection circuit;
4, high efficiency output, high-capacity lithium batteries storage;
5, the input interface using Micro USB;
6, peripherals LCD display, high-grade appearance.
7. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology programs to support IOS system, full support for Apple and other smart phones and computers.
8, Bluetooth anti-lost, smart phone connected via Bluetooth;
(1) anti-lost and the coupling device can find two-way alarm function;
(2) the exact point of the search function is lost (lost position by locking device (mobile phone) on the GPS);
9, a device can be connected at the same time more than one anti-lost (example: your iPhone, iPad)
10, Bluetooth transmission distance of 10m (meters);
11, using the latest ultra-low-power technology, longer battery life, more energy-efficient green;


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