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  • Product: Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost self-timer solution
  • Item NO.: Bluetooth anti-lost self-timer
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Functions and features:

 Wide applicability

     This device compact, portable, and mobile phones through binding, can be widely applied to purses, children, pets, briefcases, luggage drag boxes, and other anti-lost and looking for other valuables.

 Looking for two-way anti-lost

     The relative distance between the phone and the equipment than the warning range, call the police. At the same time can find items by phone, you can find the phone through this device.

Powerful, stable performance

     Has an adjustable distance (0-30 meters), with anti-lost, looking, police voice prompts (or with vibration function), self-timer, automatic power-saving features such as AES128 using advanced coding technology, reliable performance.

 Ultra-low power, green

     Using the latest BlueTooth4.0 (low-power Bluetooth) technology, TI CC2540 single-chip solution, a CR2032 coin cell battery, static standby power consumption of only 0.4uA, receiver sensitivity -100dbm.


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