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  • Summary: TTC Bluetooth low energy remote control electronic candle light solution is developed on the basis of TI CC2541 BLE chip, to enable iphones and other mobile terminals get control of the product.
  • Summary: 1, can be customized in Chinese, English and numbers; 2, can be replaced at any time the phone control information; 3, can be displayed at the time and temperature; 4, support Android and IOS systems.
  • Summary: 1, RGB three-color light controller 2, control: Bluetooth remote control, the effective distance 20M (no barrier blocking situations) 3. Display mode: 13 kinds of static, three kinds of dynamic 4, brightness adjustable static and dynamic speed adjust...
  • Summary: Bluetooth Smart E-Scale Solution developed on the basis on TI CC2541, your smart phone can know every data from your scale and analyse these data.
  • Summary: 1, SMS (micro-channel) to receive, view, alerts. 2, calls to remind display. 3, anti-lost, camera function. 4, showing that the time of day, temperature, weather. 5, programmable with character. 6, enter ...
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