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1. Key features: a power button, an off button, a "+" key, a "-" key.

2.8 Mode: ① static mode (light colors into touch finger to the color);

② waiting white lights;

③ red gradient;

④ green gradient;

⑤ blue gradient;

⑥ white gradient;

⑦ full color gradient;

⑧ full color transitions.

 3. Speed "+" and the speed "-", or a dynamic mode gradual transition adjustable rate.

4. System Requirements: Android 4.3 and above systems

5. Software Interface: tone control, timer setting, time years, on-site interaction, fantastic rainbow, scene mode


* Tone control: manual control is selected for bulb or select the color group, brightness, and can switch the bulb.

* Timing: User setting lights turn on and off time, according to the set time to turn lights on and off.

* Time Years: add a picture, to control the color change lights by 1-4 species of primary color images.

* Live Interactive: The size of the detected light outside sounds to be controlled according to the detected light will change to display different colors.

* Fantasy Rainbow: Load songs, songs by playing lights to control the change, according to the rhythm of the music rainbow show.

* Profiles: The default setting several common patterns, just click mode to control lights.


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